Exclusive Q&A with Boo’s caddie: JOE PYLAND

We at www.booweekley.com caught up with Boo’s caddie Joe Pyland for a little Q&A session that many of you have been requesting for a while. Joe called us from Orlando while he was working on this course for this week’s Arnold Palmer Invitational presented by Mastercard.


Booweekley.com(BW):Thanks for joining us here on www.booweekley.com for this Q&A session Joe.

Joe Pyland (JP): No problem.

BW: We know you are busy so let’s get started….2009 started off good for you guys with both a top 10 and a top 20 in Hawaii. After those successes ya’ll headed halfway across the world to compete in Quatar. Boo didn’t make the cut there. How do you think that extreme travel affected Boo’s play?

JP: Man we were definitely jet-lagged…we didn’t get there til Tuesday night and we normally arrive at a tournament Sunday night or Monday morning so that was a big change. Plus we arrived there and lost a day so we were really screwed up on the time thing. It took us quiet some time even after we left to get our times straight. In this case I would say yes it affected us but it was a great experience all the same.

BW: Boo took a month off and did some appearance things and other events. How did you spend your time off?

JP: Well, I played a lot of golf. Took the time to hang out with my family and friends. I stayed around the house for the most part.

BW: Now that you guys are back in the grind we see that you are playing 12 events in 13 weeks. That is a long stretch even for the most seasoned veteran. How do you get in a routine that makes sense and keeps each week situated to getting ready?

JP:I try to keep our schedule the same…Monday is considered our day off but what this translates to is we go out there and take it easy. I use Monday to scope out the course and make sure there aren’t any significant changes to the layout then we go out and just take it easy. Remember it is our “off day”. Tuesday is practice and then Wednesday we normally have a Pro-Am. Thursday starts competition. We played several tournaments in a row on the Nationwide Tour and it didn’t affect us so I know this won’t.

BW: What is the part of your job that you enjoy most?

JP: I just enjoy being out on the golf course playing well and competing in tournaments. It’s the competition that I really love. I love us being in the hunt and making the shot. I get excited about competing.

BW: When you and Boo are out on the course what do you guys talk about?

JP:  Well, obviously we talk about the golf. I mean we discuss each shot and how to approach the shots. The main part of those discussions are the hazards and where we don’t want to be on the green. We always discuss how to stay away from trouble. But I mean we talk about other stuff…(laughs) football, basketball and stuff like that. Boo is calm on the course I would say 90% of the time so its just like any time you would be talking to him except we are at work so obviously we talk more about work.

BW: It has been said that since you started carrying Boo’s bag his game elevated. What do you think has been the key you brought that helped unlock this rise in his game?

JP: Well, I always try to work hard. I have a military background so I like things structured and I try to bring that work ethic to the table every day. I always want us to be prepared and that we are ready for the course in front of us. I don’t want Boo to ever get out there and we not know everything we can know to be ready.

BW: What is your favorite course on tour?

JP: Hands down Augusta National.

BW: It’s unusual for a caddie to say that being that Augusta is known to be one of the toughest to work.

JP: Sure it’s a tough course but the history that exists there and being given the opportunity to work it… Man, there’s nothing like it and I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

BW: If you could have a dream golf outing who would be in your group?

JP:  Boo, my brother, myself and Jack Nicklaus. That would be the group I would love to play 18 with no doubt.

BW:Joe thank you  so much for taking time out of your day to speak with us. Good Luck this week at Bayhill!

JP: No problem. I enjoyed it and thanks I’m looking forward to this week!

Joe Pyland is a PGA TOUR caddie from Milton, Florida. He served eight years in the Army with two tours in Iraq. He has been carrying Boo Weekley’s bag since 2006.

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  1. Dereck Reamer said,

    Hey Joe this your buddie from the Army we served together in Texas. I saw you and Boo playing at Hilton Head on Saturday and I heard your name as ya’ll were playing 18. Send me a email when you get a chance take care man and good luck to Boo.

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